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How to restore Yo WhatsApp chat from Google Drive?

The most easily way of transfer your Yo WhatsApp messages to a new Android device is that by using the Google Drive! However, most users do not know how to do restore Yo WhatsApp chat from Google Drive, and what should they need to be noticed when they are trying to that.

How to restoreYo WhatsApp chat from Google Drive?

In this article, there are including the preparation matters before restoring , and the detail steps about how to restore Yo WhatsApp chat from Google Drive.

Before restoring your Yo WhatsApp data, you need to notice that:

  1. You need to log in your new device with the same Google account and keep the same phone number (SIM card before)
  2. Yo WhatsApp backups that have not been updated for 5 months may be automatically deleted by Google. Here, we advise that you have better to back up your Yo YoWhatsApp chats from time to time.
  3. The restoring process which it may take a few long time. So it is better to connect your Android mobile device to a power source during restoring YoWhatsApp chat from Google Drive.

How to restore Yo WhatsApp chat from Google Drive?

  • yowhatsapp download.
  • log in the same Google account.
  • Launch Yo WhatsApp and Tap Agree and Continue button.
  • Enter the same phone number in it(the same number which you use before), and tap the Next button.
  • Check the number is correct or not, then click “OK” button.
How to restoreYo WhatsApp chat from Google Drive?
  • You will access a verification SMS, enter it.
  • It will show that YoWhatsApp will ask permission to access the data on your device. Then tap the ”Continue” button. 
  • Yo WhatsApp will still ask permission to access the contacts, then tap the “Allow” button.
  • Yo WhatsApp will still ask permission to access the local files, then tap the “Allow” button.
  • After that, Yo WhatsApp will automatically search the backups from Google Drive, or local files. (And you have better to restore the chats data now.) After finishing, it won’t be able to restore the chat data (without reinstalling the app). 
  • Check the backup to make sure that is it the new one. If yes, then click “restore” button.
  • Waiting until YoWhatsApp restores your messages. Click the “Next” button.
How to restoreYo WhatsApp chat from Google Drive?
  • Enter Yo WhatsApp display name, and then click the Next button. 
  • Once the initialization process is finish, you will see a screen to set up Google Drive Backup. And it is best to choose the “Daily” option. And then click “Done” button.
How to restoreYo WhatsApp chat from Google Drive?
  • The restoring process have been done now.

Using Google Drive to back up and restore the Yo WhatsApp chats memory which is a way to save storage space without worrying about losing important records. Now that you have known how to restore Yo WhatsApp chat from Google Drive on your device, if you still have any problem about that, we are welcoming you to contact us.

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